The 9 Best Vocal Processors

We spent 42 hours on research, videography and editing to review the best selections for this wiki. Whether you're on stage or preparing to record in the studio, one of these vocal processors will give you the effects you need to be as good as any professional singer. They allow experienced and growing singers to expand their repertoire and creativity. When users buy our independently selected editorial choices, we can earn commissions to support our work.

1. TC Helicon Play Electric. Best Vocal Processor
The TC Helicon Play Electric is great because it is so easy to use and offers the most standard features that people want. The pedal has excellent presets that you can easily edit, each will follow your chords to create beautiful melodies.

2. Boss VE-20
The Boss VE-20 is a decent option to add specialized voice effects. It also allows hands-free use during stage performances. However, its functionality is somewhat limited because it does not automatically detect key changes.

3. Behringer Minifex FEX800
The Behringer Minifex FEX800 is a compact multi-effects processor for podcast and studio applications. Its tap-to-select functions allow you to control a range of effect parameters, but the build quality is not the best, so be careful not to drop it.

4. Digitech VLHM. Best Vocal Processor
Thanks to its advanced pitch detection technology, the Digitech VLHM creates the effect of multiple singers by adding 2 additional voices with natural harmonies. Its LCD is very small and a bit difficult to read, however.

5. TC-Helicon Harmony-G XT
The TC-Helicon Harmony-G XT has 6 built-in reverb and delay combinations for both vocal and guitar riffs. Its NaturalPlay guitar-controlled harmony algorithm also has voice stacking capabilities, so it optimizes effects based on the sound of your vocals and guitar.
Best Vocal Processor